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Dactah Chando

Dactah Chando is by far one of the best reggae and dancehall singers of Spain.
He is a master at creating lyrics and a master in rhythmic phrasing. He plays with words, phrases and rhymes as if it were the easiest thing in the world to do. With this unique ability he adapts to any Riddim –whether it is Roots, Roots_Rock, Reggae or Dancehall- to turn it instantly into his unmistakable, characteristic Dactah Chando Reggae-Canario Style.

This surf fanatic and free spirited performer from the island of Tenerife started his professional career in 2009 working with Frank Dellé during Dellé’s tour presenting his album "Before I grow old". Through this special collaboration Dactah Chando got to met a few members of the famous band Seeed, members of Dellé's band as well. From that moment on Dactah Chando began to collaborate with many important groups such as The Wailers, Alpha Blondie, Wayne Wonder and Six Nation, and with artists like Junior Murvin, Chukki Starr, Brinsley Forde (ASWAD), Queen Ifrica and Sargent Garcia. He was also a key figure in the first surfers dancehall video made in Spain, "Surf is my life".

While filming this project Dactah Chando met and began working with the producer Toby Nambur (Six Nation). Together they composed and arranged the songs that would be included in Dactah Chando's first solo work, "Clara" (Achinech Productions, 2011). The album, recorded in Tenerife and Cologne and produced by Toby Nambur and Guido Craveiro (Moloko, Bootsy Collins, Zoe, The Police in Dub, and also responsible for the sound of Frank Dellé's album "Before I grow old"), walks a line between salsamuffin à la Sargent Garcia and international reggae-industry standard as popularized by Seeed and Alborosie. "Clara" has a stellar guest list which includes Tanya Stephens, Alborosie, Luciano, Louie Culture, Gyptian and a few members of the bands Seeed, Okada Supersound and Six Nation. Highlights of the album include the driving opener "Wansagain", which is an excellent showcase for the combination of Chando’s razor-sharp voice and Guido Craveiro’s stylish modern production, the majestic skank of "Palante", where Chando shares the mic with Pachango, singer of the overnational Latin/reggae band Six Nation, and "Abusadores" featuring vocals by Jamaican reggae queen Tanya Stephens.

Just weeks after its release the album began receiving a wonderful welcome not only from the specialized media in Spain -such as the reggae sites,, Roots Reality Culture, Alphadread blog, Radio Rasta and Barcelona Reggae Town- but also from the general media as well, like Radio Nacional de España and a large part of the press of the Canary Islands. Even the Spanish surf magazines Radical Surf and 3 sesenta, celebrated the album! "Clara" was also very well received outside Spain. The german magazines specialized in reggae, ska, dub and dancehall music, Riddim,, published a great review. The two most important radio stations in Germany, Deutschlandradio Berlin and Funkhaus Europa WDR, published fantastic reviews as well. The album also received a good review on the most complete internet music guide, of the United States of America.

In march 2011 Dactah Chando performed the album live in Cologne, Germany, joined on stage by members of the bands Seeed, Okada Supersound and Six Nation, and with special guest stars Frank Dellé during the song "Power fi Chant" and Pachango during "Palante". German Bunch TV made an live Interview and entirely recorded the whole concert. was also there and recorded parts of the gig for its internet stream. A few months later he participated in the Walo Musik Festival in Mauritania, West-Africa sharing the stage with artists from different countries like Senegal, Mali, Belgium and France. And last august 26th Dactah Chando performed in the most important European reggae festival, Rototom Sunsplash, once again backed up by the amazing band that joined him in the Cologne concert. He is the second most rated artist and under the five best views of all video shows on Rototom TV.

Next stop in Dactah Chando's Tour was Venezuela, South-America, a country in which Chando performed in 2009 with great success. On October 29th 2011 Dactah Chando played one concert in the city of Maracay.
The European live Tour 2012 of Dactah Chando & Band led him as well from small club gigs up to big Festivals in Germany like the Weedbeat Festival near Hannover as the headliner and to East Europe's biggest Reggae Festival, Ostroda Reggae Festival in October in Poland as the headliner of the day.
2013 Dactah Chando released the first single Woman Escuchame in July of the new album "Sabiduria", and the second single in October Ningun Hombre with great success. The Album Sabiduria was released in winter 2013 and it is produced by the well know english producer Rob Smith (Massive Attack), SEEED, Guido Craveiro, Umberto Echo from Germany. Throughout Europe he toured in Winter 2013 with the Berlin based Reggaetronic Band iLLBIlLLy HITEC from Spain up to Norway passing France, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia.
In 2014 he entered with various singles in some international compilations like Razoof Jahliya(Uwe Lehr, a Cologne based Reggae producer) together with Mykal Rose, Lutan Fyah, Naptali or Sebastian Sturm. Or Dubvisionist-King Size Dub , a in Hamburg based Dub Maniac.
He toured a lot of Club gigs on Canary Islands and mainland Spain and as well was Headliner of the 10 anniversary of WEEDBEAT Festival near Hannover in Germany. In December of 2014 he released his Roots version from the Album Sabiduria produced by Roberto Sanchez. Fast Sabiduria-Roots entered in all International Roots Radio in free airplay so that he could gather a much bigger international fanbase. On he reached with Sabiduria-Roots selling place number one, with Sabiduria number two and with Clara number three. Never ever before a spanish Reggae artist took the first three high score selling places for more than 6 weeks.
In Winter 2014 Heather Dennis a US based writer contacted Dactah Chando for a great interview about his Reggae life and Reggae experiences. In the project "Life Beyond Reggae Music" Dactah Chando was included together with many international Reggae Stars, Songwriters and Singers. The first Reggae Book "Life Beyond Reggae Music" was released in spring of 2015 together with a compilation CD of all the artists included into the book. The biggest German Television ZDF contracted him for a very big Television show "ZDF Fernsehgarten" produced in March of 2015 at the beach of the south part of the Island Tenerife.

As a strong artistically reaction on the latest political world development with war all over the world, Dactah Chando released his latest single track with a Cartoon animated video against the evil in the world: False Religion, false and corrupted Politicians, false economy with a Mafiosi structures. "TU JUICIO" entered directly into the US- ITunes Reggae Charts on place number 31. The video blazed abroad from to Great Britans Reggae scene, to US music platforms and even Jamaican platforms. The radio airplay worldwide was amazing.

The international Reggae Star from the Canary Islands raleased his 4th studio Album
ANSESTRAL at 03.07.2016
A unique work in it’s genre combining Jazz, Soul and Reggae with a harmony voice, full of inspiration and positive words.
Instrumentation with an impeccable sound which evokes all the epochs of Reggae history.
Fruits of a great combination of international musicians, contributing diversity and character into a fresh and matured album.

Ruts & La Isla Music
Ruts (Ruth Barreto) is a native from San Cristóbal de La Laguna, Tenerife, Canary Islands.
As a little kid she starts to love the music with dancing to it. La Salsa was the music her sisters were listening too at home as the first musical influence. Music was always present in her family and since she can remember she listened to her mother singing canarian folk songs .
When she was 16 years old she wrote her first songs while getting in contact with a guitar trying the first accords. Later she studies for four years the piano in the musical Conservatory of La Laguna, which allowed her to make her first arrangements. Her other big passion were sound and performance that's why she took two years of audiovisual studies leading her close to recording and production.

La Isla Music as a musical group started in 2006 just when Ruts finished with her first band Sinsemilla Reggae (2004-2006). With these people she came in contact and fell in love with jamaican riddims, did a lot of gigs all over the Island of Tenerife and recorded an Album titled "Déjate llevar". Ruts already had some songs finishes and decided that is was time to start a new stage of musical life. Continuing writing more songs and arranging them with the intension to do another Album, her drummer Toño Alonso and a lot of her musician friends from the Tenerife Reggae scene, supported her throughout a long time until she came out in 2009 with "Palabras Bonitas". Next was "Palabras Bonitas en concierto"(live Album) published in 2012 and "Todo Va Salir Bien" released and published in 2013 with the distinguished two titles "Golpeas Mi Cuerpo" featuring DACTAH CHANDO, the most international artist of Canary Islands Reggae, and a version of Moises Simons "EL Manisero" (The Peanut Vendor). In one of the most important Canary Island Festivals EL CARNEVAL DEL DIA in Tenerife , Ruts & La Isla Music participated and performed in front of thousands of excited visitors recorded by Canarian Television.
There are two main persons to mention in Ruts & La Isla Music . It is first Ruts, front woman songwriter and arranger of the band and Toño Alonso, drummer (former drummer of Binghiband who performed with Junior Marvin from the Wailers and with Brinsley Forde from Aswad) and Manager of the whole crew.
Six Nation
8 musicians from 6 nations
A super exciting fusion of Reggae, Ragga, Ska, with a little bit of Latin flair such as Salsa, Cumbia and Samba, have led to the exciting new world music sound of SixNation.
Tradition and the most modern music from their homelands –Argentine, Tansania (Sansibar), Poland, Germany, Kosovo and Italy- are combined in this multinational line-up of musicians to create the unique style of SixNation.
The songs, with critical, pleasant and extremely humane contents have lyrics in English and Spanish sung by Pachango, its frontman. The songs are backed by several vocals and are performed with such a pulsating energy right from the very first tunes that the audience finds itself surfing a great Reggae wave, with “Positive Vibes” leading gradually into an endless Dance party.
SixNation, a guarantee of the best live music.

Pachango: frontman vocals El Salvador/Italy
Moe BassHead: bass, backing vocals Germany/Kosovo
Toby Nambur: drums, vocals, keyboard, album producer Germany
Seif Rengwe: trumpet, vocals Zanzibar/Tanzania
Pierre De Stefano: sax Germany/Italy
Micha The Crool: guitar Germany/Poland
Mariana Gutierrez: keyboard Argentina
Marius Eckstein: percussion Germany